About us

We are Push to Talk.

We’re passionate about organising events and live communication. We help you express your ambitions. We translate your culture and strategy into emotions. From form to content. With authentic stories that inspire. That’s how your culture comes to life.

We follow a tried-and-tested project approach tailored to your company’s digital or non-digital communication strategy. Your event should be more than just a creative idea or a great party. That’s why we work together with your top management to align the event optimally to your long-term vision, values and standards. We organise your event and live communication in such a way that the story continues to inspire even after the event is over. We translate your strategy into emotions. Your message creates a lasting impact and your event becomes live communication: on the work floor, for your stakeholders and on social media.

You have a good story, we’re great storytellers: that’s a perfect match.


Push To Talk has more than 15 years of experience and excellent references. We complement our permanent team with freelance experts from our cooperative ecosystem. The flexible structure changes depending on the requirement and/or project.

Delivering great work with a great team.

Would you like to join our team of permanent or freelance experts? Feel free to get in touch with us!

Your event brings
your culture to life

We analyse your culture.

We engage in discussions with you.

We listen to your ambitions.

We translate your culture and strategy into emotions.

That’s how your culture comes to life.

Our mission

Push To Talk is a specialist in the organisation and communication of events with a message. Push To Talk creates and delivers unique events with a positive and long-term effect. We deliver top quality within the agreed timeframe and budget, with respect for people and the environment.

With Push To Talk, an event is never merely an event. It’s much more than that. Thanks to the smart concept, contemporary form and unique content, it becomes a tool. This allows you to bind customers, employees or the public to your strategy and engage them more deeply in an increasingly complex and digital world.

We help you express your ambitions. We translate your culture and strategy into emotions. We engage in dialogue with your audience before, after and during the event. This makes the story of your brand, company or organisation comes to life.

Push To Talk tells your story. Your event becomes live communication: on the work floor, for your stakeholders, on social media, etc. This is how we stimulate conversation. Conversation that leads to change.

Push To talk. We bring your culture to life.

Corporate social responsibility


Customers expect companies to take responsibility and do more than just what the government requires them to do. Push To Talk shares this vision and sets high quality standards for itself. We want to improve continuously by learning, practicing and sharing knowledge.

For Push To Talk, quality is the sum of sustainability, safety, health, etc. We want to care for the environment, contribute to society and promote sustainable entrepreneurship. Together with customers, we develop a long-term vision. That’s why Push To Talk prefers not to choose the most inexpensive event or communication partner, but rather partners who invest in people, work with ethical products, handle safety in a responsible manner, etc. In short, partners who ‘invest’ sustainably and not just to generate profits.

Push To Talk looks beyond profit. We offer our customers high-quality and sustainable projects at a fair price.


There’s more to life than just money! Push To Talk wants to generate sustainable turnovers, act conscientiously, share profits with others, create opportunities for employees and partners and use its expertise to help other organisations. Being a member of Etion is a logical extension of this. Growth also implies self-development and knowledge enrichment. Inspired by this philosophy, Push To Talk wants to collaborate with other parties in the sector.


Sustainable entrepreneurship also means: doing what you say and saying what you do. Push To Talk cares about the safety and well-being of its employees. In practice, this means that employees are provided with all the tools they need to do their job properly, recognised for their commitment, allowed to develop their creativity, paid correctly and fairly, and so on. A happy employee or freelancer makes a happy company. And this reflects on our company in a positive way. Well-being at work is not just a mandatory area of concern for a prevention adviser, but a concept that calls for sustained efforts from all of us.


Bellens, business manager of Push To Talk, spends a large part of his free time working for the Red Cross. As chairman, he guides and motivates employees and volunteers to work for the good of others. Tom feels it’s only logical that he should share his knowledge and skills as an entrepreneur in the profit sector with a non-profit organisation such as the Red Cross. Sustainable entrepreneurship is not possible without social commitment!