AZ-Sint Maarten streams live webinar on breast cancer research

Live online webinar

AZ Sint-Maarten organised an international online webinar on a revolutionary new technique for detecting breast cancer. Dr Vanwambeke and Dr Dekeyzer (AZ Sint-Maarten) and Professor Tabar (USA) shared their experiences. Push To Talk took care of the script, the recording of the videos, the transition between the videos, the livestreaming, and the smooth running of the live chat. The 170 doctors from Belgium and abroad responded enthusiastically to the high-quality content and flawless organisation.


AZ Sint-Maarten is the first and only hospital in Belgium to have a device for detecting breast cancer using the ABUS technique. The device is used to detect breast cancer more quickly in women with dense breast tissue. After one and a half years, the doctors are satisfied with the new possibilities. That’s why they want to organise a seminar on the technology for an international audience of doctors. They want to share their experiences and let an international expert do the talking.


In October 2018, AZ Sint-Maarten opened a new state-of-the-art hospital with 650 beds and 14 high-tech operating theatres. AZ Sint-Maarten is now the most modern hospital in the Mechelen region and beyond. The hospital employs 200 doctors and 1300 staff.


Due to COVID-19, the international seminar had to take place in the form of an online webinar and the international expert speaker could not come to Belgium. However, the participants had to be able to ask questions about the presentation live. Participants had to be registered, as the online webinar was paid and the training was accredited.

AZ Sint-Maarten


Professional approach

Push To Talk built a pop-up study in the hospital library. We went through the programme beforehand with the two hostesses, Dr Vanwambeke and Dr Dekeyzer. We also advised to alternate and connect live and recorded presentations, streaming from the US and live chats. We drew up a detailed script based on this conversation.

Technical masterpiece

Of course, a webinar about a technological first must be technologically perfect. Push To Talk made sure that ultrasounds and mammograms were in sharp focus. The streaming from the studio and from the US, the videos, and presentations all blended seamlessly. In addition, we took care of the registration of participants and the organisation of the live chat.

Live conversation

Tijdens de presentaties konden de deelnemende artsen vragen stellen aan de sprekers via de live chat. Na de presentaties gaven de sprekers en een vertegenwoordiger van de fabrikant antwoord op de vragen. Professor Tabar beloofde later nog een uitgebreider antwoord te versturen via mail. Zo ontstaan kansen om te leren en internationaal inzichten met elkaar te delen.

170 wildly enthusiastic doctors

The 170 doctors from Belgium and abroad were enthusiastic. The setting, the variety, the quality of the images, and the seamless transitions are unprecedented in the medical sector. They saw the many advantages of the online webinar. In a morning session, they were given a clear explanation of the new ABUS technology with practical experience and insights from a renowned professor. The questions from the chat received clear answers after the presentations. And it was all possible without having to travel to a conference room abroad. In addition, they could use their login to watch the recorded webinar again for a week. In short, the online webinar has set a new standard.

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