AZ Sint-Maarten: Everyone lends colour to the AZ Sint-Maarten story

The story of a hospital in 14 Grand Opening events

Push To Talk organised 14 Grand Opening events for 15,000 visitors to AZ Sint-Maarten. Doctors, employees and patients all told their unique stories. These stories inform, connect and enthuse. They show the values of AZ Sint-Maarten in practice. This brought the culture of AZ Sint-Maarten to life.


The Grand Opening events show what the hospital of the future has to offer. Employees, patients and neighbours kindle enthusiasm for the move, and the connection between the employees of the three campuses and the business partners is enhanced.


AZ Sint-Maarten is a new, hyper-modern hospital. It lifts the quality of the medical care provided to an even higher level and offers the best possible comfort for the patient. AZ Sint-Maarten is the most modern hospital in the Mechelen region and beyond. All the medical disciplines from the three former locations are coming together in one place. Two hundred doctors and 1,300 staff members work in the new hospital.


AZ Sint-Maarten provided a modest budget for the organisation of 14 Grand Opening events in 10 days' time. The events and tours focused on different target groups: employees, general practitioners, specific groups, VIPs and stakeholders and residents of the Mechelen region. A large turnout was expected.

AZ Sint-Maarten


True stories

Everyone lends colour to the story of AZ Sint-Maarten. First and foremost, a hospital is a story for and by people. The employees are one large, colourful, warm family with their hearts in the right place. Together with the patients and the visitors, they lend colour and warmth to AZ Sint-Maarten. Their stories and anecdotes bring the story of AZ Sint-Maarten to life.

Authentic values

Push To Talk brings these colourful stories to the fore. It connects them to the authentic values of AZ Sint-Maarten. Quality, openness, respect, cooperation and ambition guide the provision of care and connect the employees in a common quest.

Colourful symbols

The stories run like colourful threads through the hospital's fabric and intertwine to make a stronger whole. Hence Push To Talk's idea for a beautiful and colourful symbol: the scoubidou. The scoubidou stands for power and connectivity. Three colourful threads symbolise how, together, the three campuses form one whole - a whole which will stand stronger in the future.

Enthusiastic sponsors

Push To Talk put together a sponsor dossier with various sponsor formulas. Some twenty sponsors reacted enthusiastically to the warm and authentic story of AZ Sint-Maarten and lent colour to the events. What's more, the full-colour sponsors were also able to tell their own stories in the unique context of AZ Sint-Maarten. In this, they received substantive and logistical support from AZ Sint-Maarten and from Push To Talk.

Everyone lends colour to the AZ Sint-Maarten story

At all the events, a total of 15,000 visitors listened to the warm and inspiring story of AZ Sint-Maarten. Politicians, VIPs, stakeholders, doctors, employees, families with children, seniors, people with a handicap, volunteers and curious passers-by… They all listened, asked questions, took part in the photo contest or the children's treasure hunt and showed their enthusiasm on social media. Local and national media, from newspapers to the VTM news, turned their attention to AZ Sint-Maarten, the hospital of the future.

Everyone lends colour to the story of AZ Sint-Maarten. Symbols and stories from real people are connected with authentic values and lend colour to AZ Sint-Maarten. That’s how the culture comes to life.

We are Push To Talk You have a good story, we’re great storytellers: that’s a perfect match.