Educam: showing leadership position at events

Joining forces to build a single culture

In preparation for several events, Push To Talk organised a series of workshops for Educam focusing on the culture the company is trying to develop. Educam aimed to showcase its unique leadership position through a staff and stakeholder event. The automotive sector faces major challenges. Visions clashed. Ideas matured. The result was an inspiring mission and vision backed by the entire management team. The managers enthusiastically inspired their audiences at the two events. Educam is now ready for a brilliant future.


Through a staff and stakeholder event, Educam aims to showcase its unique leadership position to its employees, customers and stakeholders.


Educam Group is the knowledge and training centre for the automotive sector and related sectors. The Group is made up of two organisations that work together closely, but each have their own mission. Educam Service nv is a commercial company that provides training and services to businesses. Educam Partner vzw, on the other hand, is a non-profit organisation managed by social partners that supports the sector through the sectoral covenant.


At the outset, the social partners established a clear mission and vision. However, throughout the years, the two organisations started interpreting them differently. Various strategies co-existed alongside one another.

Now Educam wants its voice to be heard, as a single entity. Moreover, the company is keen to showcase its unique leadership position. The story should be carried by the entire organisation, from A to Z. Educam has what it takes, but everyone needs to be prepared to jump on board.


Workshops to build on a single culture

Push To Talk organised workshops with the directors and the management team. These workshops focused on both the current and the desired culture. Visions clashed. Ideas matured. The result? A joint mission and vision.


The automotive sector is changing at lightning speed, and Educam wants to continue to build on its leadership position in the years to come. Push To Talk is helping to put that ambition into words.


Co-creation is the key to bringing out the corporate culture. Push To Talk does not express what that ambition, mission, vision and value set should be. It simply facilitates and helps organisations clearly define and showcase them.


The workshops with the management team revealed values like craftsmanship, service provision and innovation. The participants had deep discussions in order to shape the values clearly and transparently, with the same weight.


The entire management team now once again backs a joint mission, vision and values. They embrace the culture and enthusiastically inspire their team. Everyone left with a smile.

Inspired by PEOPLE, driven by KNOWLEDGE

The workshops for the managers of the company and the non-profit organisation resulted in a joint vision, which Push To Talk poured into a new slogan: Inspired by PEOPLE, driven by KNOWLEDGE.

Push To Talk integrated this renewed culture into the two events, a corporate video and the annual report. It became the thread running through it all. The video brimming with inspiring stories and the live experiences at the events evoke genuine emotions. The culture and the strategy have come to life. The message sticks and becomes live communication, for staff and stakeholders alike. People are encouraged to talk. That talk leads to change. Educam is now ready for a brilliant future.

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