Scheldemond Euregion: Tech is our concern

Interactive online event

The Learning Scheldemond Euregion organised an interactive online event on technology in healthcare. The online event stimulated dialogue between the education, tech, and healthcare sectors. This created opportunities to jointly build tech that makes people happy. And live conversation contributes to supported change.


The Scheldemond Euregion opted for a digital event due to COVID-19. The event stimulated dialogue on the usefulness or necessity of technological innovation in healthcare. Experts from the tech and healthcare sectors, as well as from the education sector, debated the issue.


The Learning Scheldemond Euregion wants to promote cross-border workplace learning and labour mobility in the tech and healthcare sectors. Flemish people from East and West Flanders and Dutch people from Zeeland learn from each other through internships and training courses on the other side of the border.


Tech, healthcare, and education do not interact enough. Cooperation initiatives often encounter objections, prejudices, and failures. The online event had to be given enough depth within the limited time available to achieve real debate on the issue.



Push To Talk advocated for a strong substantive debate. An editorial team thoroughly prepared the questions for the experts and the hypotheses for the audience. Moderator Bart De Bruyn quickly penetrated to the essence by asking the Flemish and Dutch experts specific questions. Challenging hypotheses got the audience thinking. Inspiring cases and a fascinating keynote by Professor Annemans fuelled the fire to jointly build tech that makes people happy.


The three sectors all have different visions, ideas, opinions, and experiences. Sometimes these are positive; sometimes they’re negative or critical. Too little time, no consideration for people, unnecessary and expensive gadgets, or too little attention paid to what is really needed. People react, doubt, believe… In order to find good solutions, you must enter into dialogue and dare to proceed constructively. Jointly building tech that makes people happy. In this way, live conversation contributes to a process of change that is supported by all.


Behind the scenes, an experienced Push To Talk team ensured that everything ran smoothly and coronavirus-proof. Push To Talk designed, guided, and directed the online event from concept to realisation. The employees took care of content and editing, writing the shooting schedule, recording videos in advance, and designing the scenery. During the event, they provided technical support, directed, and ensured a smooth livestream.

Tech that makes people happier

The online event provided an exciting mix of information and debate. The conversations with studio guests and live online connections got to the heart of the matter. Attention was paid to inspiring practices and pitfalls. In this way, live conversation contributes to a process of change that is supported by all. And Push To Talk stimulated a debate that created opportunities to jointly build tech that makes people happy.

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