Debate comes to life digitally

Prebes organises digital experience with content

A day full of tailored information, seeing, feeling, experiencing, and networking. That’s Prenne, the pre-eminant training and education event for prevention advisers. Push To Talk organised the 55th edition of the event, which also happened to be the first time it’s ever been completely digital. Intrinsically strong, engaging, and relevant. With a mix of inspiring talks and live debates, instructive training sessions, captivating podcasts, online information, and Zoom meetings. In short, a stellar edition.


Prenne stands for lectures and training sessions on the newest insights concerning prevention and safety at work. The prevention advisers put together their own customised day from a wide range of topics. This is how they fulfil their continuing education obligations. In between, they discover the latest range of prevention tools at a trade fair and network with colleagues from other companies. This is important because a prevention adviser often works alone. Educating, informing, and networking were once again the goal of this fully digital edition.


Prebes unites prevention advisers and professionals who work on well-being at work and sustainable social corporate responsibility. The association organises refresher courses, activities, and networks and informs its members about new developments. That is why it also organises Prenne, the training and education event for prevention advisers, four times a year.


The March edition had already been cancelled and this edition couldn’t be held in real life either due to COVID-19. But now is precisely when prevention advisers have a lot of questions and a need for consultation, particularly questions about COVID-19 and all that it entails. What are the latest insights? How can we protect employees? How do we keep employees physically and psychologically healthy? Push To Talk took on the challenge to make the digital Prenne a stellar edition. Not as good, but better!

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Professional preparation

Prenne stands for content and quality. This edition was as crucial as ever. Push To Talk meticulously prepared the debate and interviews. The content for the debate, the sofa chats, and the podcast were discussed with the journalists. Push To Talk wrote everything down in a tightly timed script and drew up shooting schedules for the recordings in the studio.

Live debate with expert speakers

Wim De Vilder hosted a fascinating, live, and exclusive debate with, among others, Erika Vlieghe, Kris De Meester, Lode Godderis, Karine Moykens, and Dominic Hermans. The choice of an experienced journalist, such as Wim De Vilder, is not accidental. He knows how to guard the substantive storyline in such a debate perfectly and still leave room for a real conversation. The questions about COVID-19 left no one untouched. Opinions clash. Insights change. The prevention adviser must apply all these rules and adapt them to the prevailing reality. What this all means was the subject of an interesting expert debate on mouth masks, the tracing app, the responsibilities of a prevention adviser, expectations and lessons for the future, psychological consequences for employees, etc.

Engaging sofa chats

Cath Luyten also received an extensive briefing from Push To Talk. She welcomed nine prevention advisers to her sofa for very diverse talks. The nine prevention advisers gave unique insights into their work in these hectic months. There are different challenges and practical problems in every sector. The job of a prevention adviser is challenging, varied, and full of responsibility. Prevention advisers can also be called heroes in this crisis.

Digital start leaves them wanting more

The digital Prenne has passed with flying colours. The prevention advisers enjoyed the varied programme at home with inspiring talks and live debates, instructive training sessions, captivating podcasts, online information, zoom interviews with experts, and chats with companies from the prevention sector. It resulted in enthusiastic reactions, suggestions, and new ideas. People are encouraged to talk. And the digital 55th edition is not an end, but a new beginning. We’re already looking forward to the next digital event for a safe future.

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