Prebes provides live online content on a digital platform

A live online event and a digital platform with all sessions for the price of a study day. That was what Prebes had to offer at the 55th edition of Prenne, the pre-eminant training and education event for prevention advisers. Push To Talk organised the event completely digitally for the first time ever. With a mix of inspiring talks and live debates, instructive training sessions, captivating podcasts, online information, and Zoom meetings. In addition, each participant can view and review all information digitally for a month whenever and wherever they want.


Push To Talk was commissioned to organise the first digital edition of Prenne. As many prevention advisers as possible should be able to benefit from this digital offer, which is why Prebes wanted to offer the material and the experience of the digital live event on an attractive digital platform.


Prebes unites prevention advisers and professionals who work on well-being at work and sustainable social corporate responsibility. The association organises refresher courses, activities, and networks and informs its members about new developments. That is why it also organises Prenne, the training and education event for prevention advisers, four times a year.


Usually Push To Talk makes an aftermovie of a live event, which the client shares on its website and social media. But everything is already digital at a live online event. Recording the digital content, editing it, and offering it on a platform is then the obvious thing to do. There’s still quite a lot involved. After all, the live factor also creates a different experience digitally.

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Cultural fit

From the very first contact, Push To Talk and Prebes were on the same wavelength. This is not surprising, as the entire Push To Talk team has been trained as prevention advisers. Moreover, at Push To Talk, the form has always been in the service of the client’s strategy and the objectives of the event, which is why the switch to digital events was quickly made. Finding out of the box solutions and learning new things to achieve the client’s goals. It’s simply in our DNA.

Stories come to life

Prevention advisers educate themselves and draw inspiration from Prenne. Push To Talk went in search of the information and backgrounds that prevention advisers really need. We listen to the views and ideas from the field. We share anecdotes, stories, and examples and bring them to life in the event. At Prenne, all those stories come together in 1 big, exclusive, live online debate, 18 training sessions, 9 sofa chats, and 2 podcasts. Experts and exhibitors were on hand to answer personal questions and give advice in live zoom calls and chats.

…and continue to live on a digital platform

At a live event like Prenne, it’s impossible to attend all the sessions. But you can on a digital platform. For the same price, participants were allowed to watch and review all content for a month, at any time of the day. This way, they get more value for their money. Time and location are no longer barriers to participation. In addition, the platform records which content has been viewed and the prevention adviser receives a training certificate for the sessions attended.

To be continued digitally…