Red Cross Flanders: Helping together helps

Digital Prelude to launch national campaign

Over 400 local presidents and campaign managers participated in the first digital Red Cross Prelude. All the spotlights were on the volunteers. The logistics warehouse served as the unique backdrop from which the event was streamed. Host James Cooke turned out to be an enthusiastic supporter of the Red Cross volunteers. Kabouter Plop, Bumba, Piet Piraat, and Samson & Marie proudly celebrated as sticker figures for the 60th Red Cross sticker campaign.


The Red Cross organises an annual event for over 400 local presidents and campaign managers. They encourage, support, and guide the thousands of volunteers to help others and to sell the well-known stickers. Push To Talk was commissioned to organise this Prelude to the campaign year digitally and coronavirus-proof.


The Red Cross is an independent organisation with 14,000 volunteers dedicated to disaster relief, self-reliance, and blood supply. The organisation proved invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Red Cross helps when it is needed.


The thousands of volunteers worked extra hours with unrelenting enthusiasm under physically and psychologically demanding conditions throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Having a drink together to celebrate isn’t possible this year. Nevertheless, the Red Cross wants to thank, motivate, and encourage its volunteers for the new coronavirus-proof concept of sticker sales.

Rode Kruis


Volunteers play the leading role

During the festive Prelude, the volunteers play the leading role. In a video, they look back on the past year. Using an impressive overview of incredible actions, emotional testimonials, and captivating stories, they show what the Red Cross stands for. The impressions of an eventful, intense yet enriching year reveal the culture and values.

James Cooke as an enthusiastic admirer

In addition to the volunteers in the lead role, James Cooke proved to be an enthusiastic supporter and host on duty. He honoured the volunteers and listened to their stories. He asked them questions in his light-hearted and casual style. He responded. He marvelled and admired.

50 years of sharing stories

The Red Cross helps helpers. Year after year, the number of volunteers and their stories grow. Former secretary Tuur Hoste has compiled the stories in a voluminous book about 50 years of the Red Cross. A video presents a selection of the small anecdotes and great moments that the volunteers have shared with each other for 50 years. Stories encourage us to cherish memories together. Connecting stories from and for people. They contribute to the sense of belonging and culture within the Red Cross.

Inspiring volunteers

During the event, guests also got to know Laurette Steenssens. She has recently been elected community chairperson, or ‘chief volunteer’, of the Red Cross. She has been working for the organisation as a doctor-volunteer for several decades. Laurette is the perfect ambassador to passionately embody this mission and to spread the message. That’s how the culture comes to life.

Celebration for the greatest of stickers

The Flanders Red Cross Pipeband plays Feest vandaag. Kabouter Plop shows off a giant cake with 60 candles. The greatest of stickers has been around for 60 years. The celebratory stickers features figures from Studio 100 such as Kabouter Plop, Bumba, Piet Piraat, and Samson & Marie. The volunteers will get help selling the stickers from local traders this year to keep it coronavirus-proof. The proceeds are especially needed as street sales could not be held in 2020. It will succeed with the help of thousands of volunteers and Studio 100.

Logistics unit provides authentic decor

Push To Talk looked for and found a unique location with a look and feel that fits the Red Cross culture. We didn’t have to look far. The logistics unit warehouse in Mechelen is the beating heart and soul of the organisation. Trucks, command cars, all-terrain vehicles, stretchers, mouth masks, etc. leave from here for departments all over Flanders. An enthusiastic team is on standby to provide logistical assistance in case of emergencies and disasters. In short, the warehouse we chose was not only a beautiful setting, but also a tribute to the logistics team that supports all the Red Cross volunteers.

Helping together helps

The digital Prelude inspired 400 passionate local presidents and campaign managers to motivate and support their local team in 2021 after a tough year of COVID-19. Push To Talk put the spotlight on Red Cross volunteers. In the time of corona. Sharing painful and beautiful stories together. Celebrating together. Refuelling energy together. Selling celebratory stickers together. Helping people together. The Red Cross helps helpers.

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