Securitas Amplifiers in live meeting with CEO

Online strategic meeting

The CEO of Securitas Belgium, Frank Lambrigts, brought the middle management together in a live online meeting. He interviewed inspiring guests with motivating insights and cases live from within a pop-up studio. Securitas took provided the guests. Push To Talk was responsible for the complete preparation and organisation, and turned it into an interactive event with a professional image.


The Amplifiers Meeting is a very substantive meeting for Securitas managers. They receive insights and ideas from senior management to which they can respond live with questions, thoughts, or ideas. Push To Talk provided content and technical support as well as direction for this trilingual event.


Securitas makes people feel safe. Securitas is the global market leader in security in sectors such as permanent security, technological solutions, consulting, and training.


Securitas organised a third online meeting for the management during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frank Lambrigts, CEO of Securitas Belgium, hosted and interviewed the guests himself in the studio and via a live connection abroad.



Professional digital look

Frank Lambrigts, CEO of Securitas Belgium, hosted the whole event. The only way for this to succeed was to have everything prepared down to the last detail and followed up. A shooting schedule provided a minute-by-minute breakdown of what had to happen. Upon arrival, we briefed all the participants from the CEO to the pianist, so that they knew what to expect and were featured in an appealing way. We tested the connection to Sweden and all the technology beforehand. The set, backgrounds, light and sound, piano music, subtitles… everything has to be perfect. After all, Securitas is a quality and reliable service provider and also provides high-quality digital solutions itself. A professional digital appearance was therefore self-evident and part of the culture.

Live conversation

The CEO wants to share insights and ideas that inspire and motivate management during the Amplifiers Meeting. Henrik Zetterberg, COO in Sweden, presented insights from an international review. Employees illustrated best practices and client projects. Finally, a few clients were also brought to the studio to explain their views. The participating managers responded intensively with questions and concerns via chat and received an answer during the event. This created room for conversation. That conversation leads to change.

The Securitas Amplifier Meeting was an online event with a professional appearance. The focus was entirely on content. The CEO entered into a discussion with the management via best practices and inspiring guests. The content creates room for conversations. In this way, live conversation contributes to a process of change that is supported by all.

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