Securitas Amplifier meeting

Online strategic meeting

After the first wave of COVID-19, Securitas wanted to focus on its strategic ambitions for the short and long term with renewed energy. Push To Talk organised an interactive online meeting to involve and inspire the company’s senior managers in this plan for the future.


Push To Talk was commissioned to organise an online strategic meeting for Securitas. In these uncertain COVID-19 times, the incoming CEO Frank Lambrigts wants to listen to the concerns of the senior managers and challenge and inspire them to live up to the Securitas ambitions.


Securitas makes people feel safe. Securitas is the global market leader in security in sectors such as permanent security, technological solutions, consulting, and training.


The on-going COVID-19 pandemic poses unprecedented challenges to every sector. It’s no different for Securitas. With the results of the first COVID-19 wave in hand, the new CEO, Frank Lambrigts, presented the short and long-term challenges and ambitions to the senior management. In the subsequent question round, the strategic approach is questioned, discussed, clarified, and refined in the team of 160 senior managers.



Ready-made storyline

Push To Talk created a programme schedule with an exciting mix of communication tools: a presentation by the CEO, a panel debate, and live chats. The managers collected the topics and questions that exist in the organisation beforehand. Push To Talk brought them together in one storyline. In addition, all the guests in the studio debate were given a short briefing with tips and tricks to come across appealingly and clearly on screen.

Professional approach

A professional camera crew and technical crew took care of the live recording and streaming from a pop-up studio. The look and feel were also considered. Securitas is a quality and reliable service provider and we wanted the backgrounds and decor to reflect that. Therefore, we recorded the presentations in front of a green key and built temporary decor for the debate in the familiar Securitas style.

Live communication

A strategy can only succeed if there is room to share visions, ideas, and stories. To react, to doubt, to believe… The participants were given space and opportunities to engage in dialogue during the online meeting. Together, the 160 participants sent 84 responses and questions during the live broadcast.

160 senior managers for One Securitas

The 160 participants listened, discussed, and were inspired to make ambitions for the future come true as One Securitas.

You have a good story, we’re great storytellers: that’s a perfect match.