Spar: Celebrating together

Push To Talk creates online video platform

Spar retailers are highly dedicated to their customers every day. The Colruyt Group helps them with advice on the products, with marketing campaigns, and a trade fair in September. Push To Talk designed an online video platform as a coronavirus-proof alternative to present the autumn and end-of-year products and actions.


In September, the Colruyt Group traditionally presents its autumn and end-of-year ranges to the Spar retailers during the Spar Hybrid Event Fair, a large-scale event and trade fair. This year, the Colruyt Group wanted to use an online platform to inform and inspire retailers and give them the same incentive to promote seasonal products in their shops. On the platform, the retailer learns about new products and receives explanations from a professional. This is how Colruyt ultimately wants to stimulate sales.


The Colruyt Group sees the Spar entrepreneurs as partners. They receive advice, training, marketing support, IT support, and technical and financial support from the group. Spar’s mission is customer-oriented, professional, and committed to sustainable growth and success.


Usually Colruyt organises the Spar Hybrid Event Fair in the autumn. This is a fair full of tastings, workshops, and – above all – a lot of fun. There’s no fair this year due to COVID-19. The Colruyt Group wants this online platform to strengthen the ties with the retailers, present and sell the autumn and end-of-year ranges, and, of course, evoke the cosy, warm ambience of the fair.


Competent advice

Push To Talk created an online platform to inform and inspire the retailer. In a first series of videos, the retailer is given demonstrations by in-house experts on products from different categories (cheese, wine, meat, fish, bread, etc.). This allows them to become better acquainted with the products and thus help customers with simple tips and tricks.

Inspiring ideas

There are also suggestions for serving the traditional raclette festively, especially during the end-of-year celebrations. The end-of-year menus and the flyers and actions are presented in two other videos. These videos also tell the retailer how and when they can order the products and when they can expect to get the products and promotions in their shop. This way, they can plan their end-of-year sales without any worries.

Warm ambience

Push To Talk was responsible for the complete realisation of the digital concept, as well as the production of videos and scripts, through to direction and shooting. The team also did the copywriting and design for the website. The videos show tasty, fresh products in a modern kitchen and present the delicious dishes on a festively dressed table. A deliberate choice was made to use a sober but warm and cosy, no-nonsense style in the videos, which is exactly what the retailer is used to getting from the Colruyt Group.

Ambience and cosiness: 10/10

Of course, nothing beats a real tasting, but the first scores are already in for ambience and conviviality.

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