Push To Talk organises Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival

A hot summer’s day, a spectacular city triathlon, and a beautiful course

Push To Talk organised the Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival for the second time in collaboration with the Port of Antwerp, the City of Antwerp, and Sport Inc. Everyone was welcome to participate or come cheer on the participants. Some 1,700 triathletes braved the heat on the spectacular course of this extraordinary urban triathlon. Those who experienced it will be talking about it for a long time to come.


The Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival wants to promote triathlons among the general public. The event shows that triathlon is not just for elite athletes. It is easily accessible and does not have to be competitive. The programme includes competitions for children, for inexperienced and amateur athletes, and for the Belgian and world elite athletes.


The Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival is organised by the non-profit organisation Triathlon Antwerp 2020. The non-profit organisation unites the Flemish Triathlon & Duathlon League, Push To Talk, Sport Inc., and Media Mixer. Not only is Push To Talk one of the event’s organisers, but it also invests its own resources. The event is also supported and sponsored by the city of Antwerp and the Port of Antwerp, among others.


This is only the second time that the Port of Antwerp Triathlon Festival has taken place. There is also a World Cup competition on the agenda. Everything must be done strictly in accordance with the rules of the International Triathlon Union. In addition, a competition in the city centre is also a big challenge in terms of logistics. The comfort, safety, and water quality must be in perfect condition for all participants.



Sports should be enjoyable. Sports are about having fun and everyone can do that, for example by participating in the FUN Race. It’s short and fun. Anyone can join in. Talent, experience, or specialised material is not required. In a costume? On a city bike? Breaststroke? Nothing is mandatory. Everything is allowed. Children could participate in the Jespo Kids Triathlon.


Dyed-in-the-wool athletes could participate in a classic quarter-triathlon on an extraordinarily beautiful course. Diving and swimming among the docks. Running and cycling on the trendy Eilandje and in the Port of Antwerp. Winding through the MAS, over the cobblestones along the Scheldt, to the Havenhuis, and returning along the Kattendijk dock. A unique experience.

Elite sports

The ten best Belgian teams competed against each other in the T3 Series. The Port of Antwerp Triathlon is one of the five competitions in which they compete to become the best club in the country.


It was then time for the real spectacle. The Antwerp triathlon is the only World Cup competition in the Benelux and this was only the second time that a World Cup competition took place in Belgium. Seeing the strong participants, the short distance, the cobblestones, and the Belgian athletes up close and in person creates excitement and spectacle. The Belgians also demonstrated that they deserve their place in the world top. Erwin Vanderplancke had the best run time and finished in eleventh place. Valerie Barthelemy was the first woman to come out of the water and took a great seventh place.

The most beautiful and spectacular triathlon in the world

Ten thousand spectators admired the athletes up close along the course. In between, in the shadow of the MAS, the people of Antwerp enjoyed a drink and a bite to eat, the music, and the most beautiful city in the world.

A total of 1,700 courageous athletes braved the heat to compete for a medal or for the honour. At 21°C, swimming at the Bonaparte and Willem docks was ideal. But running and cycling in temperatures exceeding 30°C is something else. Yet, for the many Antwerp participants, it was the most beautiful and spectacular triathlon in the world. It’s a day they’ll be telling everyone about for a long time to come.

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