TUA West: Healthy nutrition in healthcare

online seminar

TUA West organised an online seminar on healthy nutrition in healthcare. Push To Talk provided a varied script to make the scientific content interesting. The programme stimulated and encouraged interaction. The 200 participants asked questions en masse via the chat. This created a live conversation that lead to new ideas and change.


TUA wants to share the know-how about food and health from the open research and innovation platform NuHCas and the Food expert group in the online seminar. The target group was professionals from the food industry, the healthcare sector, and academia.


TUA West ensures that knowledge institutions, companies, and government bodies in West Flanders cooperate and share knowledge in five sectors. The online seminar brought together knowledge partners in the food and healthcare sector around healthy food and nutrition for patients and residents in healthcare.


Insights were shared during the live online seminar and the six Centres of Excellence were presented. The programme included not only live presentations, but also a live online debate with panellists on location. There had to be room for live questions from the audience and for in-depth breakout sessions.

TUA West


Strong content

In two hours, the 200 participants were treated to an introduction about NuHCas, four presentations, a presentation of six knowledge centres, and a live debate with six panellists. In short, a strong substantive programme based on insights from scientific research and professional practice.

Professional direction

Moderator Greet Riebbels received a balanced, varied, and strictly timed script from Push To Talk to guide the large amount of information in an interesting and manageable way. Lively studio talks, presentations, and livestreamed debates alternated with short, attractive, three-minute videos introducing the knowledge centres. Push To Talk relayed the questions from the chat and made sure that all presentations, videos, and streamed content went live at the right time. After the plenary part, the selected breakout rooms for each participant were ready for the chosen workshops.

Live conversation

The participants could ask the speakers questions via chat throughout the online seminar. The programme was clearly popular, as the questions flooded in. Therefore, a selection of questions was quickly made that the speakers could answer during the broadcast. Fortunately, breakout sessions followed after the break to continue the discussion.

Fascinating, varied, and relevant

The theme was a hit. The 200 participants enjoyed the highly substantive programme. Thanks to the strong content and the variety in the programme, the online seminar remained interesting from start to finish. Even though the plenary part lasted two hours, participants remained interested.
The content invited fascinating discussions. The questions flooded in. New ideas bubbled up. Strong stories stimulated the conversation that led to change and innovative ideas.

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