Umicore: Join the future

Open House Days brings the future to life

Push To Talk organised Open House Days for 6,000 visitors and 400 students. Umicore’s values were discussed through presentations, information panels, videos and live experiences. Hundreds of proud employees demonstrated how these values were being put into practice. They talked with great dedication and knowledge about their work at Umicore. ‘The Umicore Way’ really came to life at these events.


Umicore wants its Open House Days to increase the public's knowledge of the company and to showcase its commitment to sustainability and its attractiveness as an employer. For its employees, Umicore wants to stimulate their pride, engagement and team spirit.


Umicore is a top Belgian company in full growth. At its global research centre in Olen, Umicore studies the production and recycling of battery materials. At this site, Umicore manufactures chemical products containing cobalt, nickel and germanium. Umicore develops the base materials for solar panels in satellites, for glass fibres and for rechargeable batteries in electric cars. They give new life to valuable metals. In a nutshell, they work on solutions for generating energy in an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


Umicore's neighbours and potential job applicants know too little about the company and its activities. The 6,000 visitors take a two to three-hour tour, a tour which must be fascinating, informative and safe from beginning to end.


The Umicore Way

Openness, innovation, respect, teamwork and dedication are vital to the success of Umicore. These core values truly come to life within the company. During the tour, hundreds of enthusiastic employees speak with great dedication and knowledge about their work and their company. Push To Talk presents their values through presentations, tours, information panels, videos and photos of real-life situations ...

Live experiences

For two hours, the visitors will have a ‘live’ experience the company culture, with experiments, interactive tests and demos … Employees are always standing by ready to help or provide explanations. And, as the cherry on the cake, the day ends with spectacular races featuring the Mahindra Formula E race car.

Safety and creativity go hand in hand

When it comes to safety, Push To Talk leaves nothing to chance. The entire event is monitored from one central command centre. The visitors are divided up into time slots and are each given a pair of safety glasses. They check in and out with wristbands. The entire tour route is cordoned off with crush barriers and tape. Employees and stewards supervise the activities on the ground.

A sustainable future

Every day, Umicore works on a sustainable future. This commitment is expressed not only in the development, production and recycling of sustainable materials but also in each of the company's processes. The social and environmental criteria used for the purchasing of base materials, the sustainable use of energy generated by wind turbines and cogeneration plants and the company's own water purification plant are also testaments to this commitment.

Jobs, jobs, jobs

Umicore is a company in full growth and is, therefore, continually searching for new talent. During the tour, information panels and enthusiastic employees show visitors the many jobs and benefits of a career at Umicore. At the HR stand at the end of the tour, interested potential applicants can ask questions or apply on the spot.

'The Umicore way' really comes to life

The 6000 visitors and 400 students are satisfied (99%) with the Open House Days. They see Umicore as an attractive employer (95%) and know that Umicore stands for sustainability (28%), pioneering research (16%) and innovation (15%).

The employees are proud and enthusiastic and became better acquainted with their colleagues. They gave the preparations, the briefing and the support at the event a score of 8/10.

We are Push To Talk We bring your culture to life.