Umicore Olen opens research centre with global livestream

Umicore Olen

Umicore is proud of its new Process Competence Centre (PCC) in Olen. Push To Talk created a festive, digital, live inauguration. Colleagues from all over Europe were able to experience this step towards a sustainable future via a livestream from Seoul, with interviews, reports, and stories from proud Olen employees.


Umicore is proud that the PCC in Olen is fully operational within the deadline, scope, and budget despite COVID-19. This excellent performance is due to a team of enthusiastic employees. Openness, innovation, respect, teamwork, and dedication are not the company’s core values by happenstance. Umicore wanted to thank the project team and show the innovative centre to all employees in Olen and in Europe via a festive, digital, live inauguration.


Umicore is a top Belgian company in full growth. A multidisciplinary team housed in the global research centre in Olen searches for more efficient and cheaper production processes for rechargeable battery materials. This allows the company to continue to grow into the sustainable world player in clean mobility and recycling.


It was a daring project in terms of tech. The broadcast from various locations on the site was to be viewed live throughout Europe with simultaneous translation. Hostess Dorien Leyers conducted a live interview from Olen with senior executive Denis Goffaux in faraway Seoul.



Dedication and teamwork

Umicore owes its success to the knowledge and expertise, enthusiasm, dedication, and teamwork of its employees at every level. Push To Talk brings this story to life with and for the employees. Dennis Goffaux, Executive Vice President for Energy & Surface, and Geert Defieuw, Site Manager, are proud that they are achieving innovative and sustainable growth for Umicore with the new centre. They want to celebrate this together with all employees. The local employees, in turn, shine with pride in their project and their company. Every day, Umicore offers them the chance to develop in their jobs and to make the world a more sustainable place.

Celebrating together safely, healthily, and live

Colleagues on the site and elsewhere in Europe celebrated digitally in small groups at different locations. Because health and safety come first. Thanks to the livestream, everyone was able to experience the inauguration from the front row. In addition, the employees around the world were given insight into the pioneering research and innovative technologies that the colleagues in Olen are developing and that will be coming their way in the future thanks to videos and quiz questions.

Online platform

The entire broadcast is now on an online platform for Umicore. It’s an ideal solution for employees who were not available or for those who would like to watch everything again later. Moreover, some reports are perfectly suitable as material for employer branding.

The employees are proud of Umicore. They were able to show off their new centre via a professional livestream. The interviews and reports made for an interesting programme with stories from and for Umicore, thus bringing The Umicore Way to life.

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