VDAB: Celebrating 30 years together

Employee festival on Sfinksweide

Push To Talk organised an employee festival on the Sfinks meadow to celebrate VDAB’s 30th anniversary. The location wasn’t chosen by coincidence because just like VDAB, Sfinks is an organisation that dares, inspires, loves honest products, and shows respect for people and the environment. Push To Talk saw the perfect match in VDAB and Sfinks. That’s how celebrating together became working together. Working strongly together for work.


VDAB is celebrating its 30th anniversary and wants to do that with all 5,000 employees. For the first time, all employees from the five provinces and Brussels will be celebrating together in the same place. The goal is to have fun together, get to know each other, and build trust for the future.


For 30 years now, VDAB’s employees have been working strongly together for work. Every day, they help employers and jobseekers find each other. They encourage jobseekers to develop their talents and skills to the maximum. VDAB wants all employees to be proud of their organisation. Being proud is daring, inspiring, being honest, and showing respect.


A lot has changed in 30 years. The digitisation of recruitment and selection is incredibly fast. In order to keep up with this evolution, VDAB has made many changes over the past year. Employees need to adapt and train continuously. The event must motivate them and give them confidence in the future.


Celebrating 30 years together

A top team. Working strongly together for work. That’s something to celebrate. A party in which colleagues have fun together strengthens the bond between them and increases the network. Push To Talk translated this into a festival with the emphasis on celebrating together, having fun, enjoyment, fun activities, performances by Stefan Perceval, Bart Peeters, The Clement Peerens Explosition, and the one and only VDAB band, the Lucifers.

30 years of pride

Celebrating together. This also means being proud together: being daring, inspiring, honest, and showing respect. Those are the VDAB values. For Push To Talk, an event has to be more than just a fun festival. Push To talk goes in search of the culture that really lives in the organisation and then brings that to life. For the first time ever, all colleagues from the different provinces will get to meet each other in a festive setting.

VDAB and Sfinks: the perfect match

Push To Talk saw the link with the culture and values of the Sfinks festival. Sfinks isn’t just a festival. It stands for diversity, parties, healthy and tasty food and drinks, sustainable enjoyment, and so much more because just like VDAB, Sfinks is an organisation that dares, inspires, loves honest products, and shows respect for people and the environment.

Sustainability and diversity

Sfinks gives opportunities to talent from all over the world. Humanitarian organisations and local associations help in the field. Food bowls, cups, etc.: everything is reusable, biodegradable, or will be recycled. In short, Sfinks strives for sustainability and diversity, just like VDAB. Push To Talk and VDAB expanded on this principle with information stands for social organisations and on-the-job learning for students of the Integral Safety programme.


By organising the employee event the day before Sfinks Mixed, rental costs, equipment, and costs for construction and demolition were shared. It took Sfinks and VDAB some getting used to in the beginning, but the shared values soon prevailed. Moreover, VDAB was able to rely on the know-how of Push To Talk as well as benefit from the expertise of Sfinks in the field.

Working strongly together for work. For over 30 years.

The VDAB employees enjoyed a successful festival with a sunny atmosphere, good food, and fantastic performances. They got to know colleagues from other departments in distant provinces. They were really proud of their team, their colleagues, and their organisation, the VDAB.

Sfinks and VDAB learned to recognise and appreciate each other’s talents, as well as inspire each other. That’s how working and learning together became being stronger together. Working strongly together for work.

We are Push To Talk. We bring your culture to life.