VDAB. And everyone celebrated together.

Live policy briefing online event

VDAB presented its policy letter to its 5,000 employees in a fascinating online event. Push To Talk provided an inspiring mix of interviews and online polls interspersed with great musical talent from VDAB. The employees yearned for live encounters in the time of corona. They confirmed the values in the online polls. Everyone was in sync. And everyone celebrated together. Working strongly together for work, with a good VIBE and good health.


The VDAB management presents the policy briefing to its 5,000 employees every year in January. At this festive kick-off to the new year, training and labour market objectives are presented employees along with a mix of inspiring vibes. The management presents the vision and listens to the reactions, stories, and emotions. VDAB opted for a substantive, interactive, digital TV show this year because of COVID-19.


For 30 years now, VDAB has been working strongly together for work. Every day, the employees put employers and jobseekers in motion to find each other. They encourage employees and jobseekers to develop their talents and skills to the maximum.


VDAB wanted to bring the policy letter to life in the workplace for all employees, from canteen staff to management, via a festive, interactive, digital TV show. From now on, VDAB not only helps the unemployed find a job, but also guides employees and employers towards a more sustainable labour market. Without redundancies, but still with less staff, this requires a strong commitment from employees in the time of corona.


A professional approach

VDAB is a client-oriented, open, and positive organisation. It’s also an organisation known for its strategic approach and vision. That VIBE is also in our DNA. Push To Talk organises high-quality events with a message. We base ourselves on the culture that really lives within the organisation because that’s how we make an event credible. It’s also how the culture comes to life.

VDAB in motion

A professional team was ready to take on the VDAB event and included a project manager, director, scriptwriter, editor, camera and editing crew, digital expert, etc. We meticulously wrote out the event beforehand in a shooting schedule. The focus of every interview and every video was on the content. People are encouraged to talk. Conversation that leads to change. And everyone moves in sync.

A beautiful location

We created professional recording settings at the beautiful T2 campus in Genk: a table for face-to-face interviews, a cool ring theatre for a panel discussion, etc.

A dazzling TV show

Cath Luyten and her co-host Frederik Gullinck, VDAB, interviewed CEO Wim Adriaens, the senior management, and various stakeholders about VDAB’s new strategy. This way, they get accurate first-hand information and can build up confidence for the future. In between, they were given an overview of the past year and of projects from the provinces, along with the opportunity to participate in several live polls.

4,000 live comments

A live chat with 5,000 employees is not possible. Yet the live polls got about 4,000 employees involved concerning the VDAB slogan and Koep’l values. The involvement of the VDAB employees was high.

Own top talent for good vibes

VDAB has a surprising amount of top talent in-house. Draughtsman Geert De Smet magnificently animated the policy letter. Jill Heyninck composed wonderfully fitting songs for the occasion as a musical intermezzo. The VDAB band, De Lucifers, closed the event with a smashing online performance.

VDAB. And everyone celebrated together

Each VDAB employee received an aperitif box at home to toast the new year together online. Celebrating together to set VDAB in motion. To work strongly together for work, with a good VIBE and good health.

VDAB. And everyone moves in sync

The past COVID-19 year caused unexpected movements within VDAB. Temporarily unemployed people flooded in, retraining appeared necessary… VDAB employees ransacked their offices and brought the laptops to their trainees and home offices. They organised online training courses and meetings. And everyone moved in sync.
An eventful year. A new strategy. The employees yearned for live meetings and conversations with their colleagues. An inspiring online event. Strong content, interesting guests, and our own top talent. And everyone moves in sync.

We are Push To Talk. We bring your culture to life.