VDAB: Entrepreneurship, today and tomorrow

Live online winter seminar

VDAB Antwerp brought small and large entrepreneurs together online for the annual winter seminar. Push To Talk was responsible for preparing the content and directing the online seminar. The speakers presented thought-provoking ideas as input for a lively panel debate. This gave the entrepreneurs enough good vibes online to stay strong today and tomorrow.


After five successful editions, VDAB Antwerp decided to organise the winter seminar completely digitally for the first time. Three keynote speakers inspired a panel of entrepreneurs with their vision on entrepreneurship. On the spot, they engaged in a live debate with each other and with Bjorn Cuyt, Provincial Director of VDAB Antwerp.


For 30 years now, VDAB has been working strongly together for work. Every day, the employees put employers and jobseekers in motion to find each other. They encourage employees and jobseekers to develop their talents and skills to the maximum.


The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the adaptability of entrepreneurs. There is uncertainty in the labour market. VDAB wants to set entrepreneurs, employers, and HR managers in motion with inspiring vibes in order to remain strong and positive as a company.



An inspiring setting

VDAB believes that training is the new recruitment. So the VDAB Competence Centre for truck drivers, coach drivers, and construction site mechanics in Herentals was the ideal place for an event focusing on attracting and retaining the right employees. It’s a symbolic place for VDAB’s culture that inspires and sets it in motion.

A varied programme

An online event has to be captivating from start to finish. We wrote out the script in a shooting schedule beforehand. The speakers really had something to say. We prepared the panel questions and polls well and zoomed in on the content. The changes between videos, panel discussions, and online polls was tightly timed in the shooting schedule. It also contained the changes between people and camera angles. This prevented dead airtime and we created exciting vibes.

Stories from and for people

The programme includes three expert speakers who explained their vision of entrepreneurship in a video. Wim Adriaens, CEO VDAB, outlined the expectations for the labour market after the COVID-19 pandemic. Ilse Janssens presented her vision using stories from real people. For example, she illustrated how Emmaüs attracts plenty of good employees who like their work. Finally, Professor Koen Marichal (AMS) presented his vision of leadership using personal examples and experiences. It was an inspiring plea to do away with bossy leaders and make way for empathetic leadership.

Live conversation

Moderator Jill Heyninck introduced the keynotes and encouraged the live panel to engage in an animated debate. The panellists Ina De Quint, Peter Hudders, and Hans Casier represented a small, a medium-sized, and a large company. They added insights from their business. And the public communicated its opinion through online polls. Thanks to this input, Bjorn Cuyt, Provincial Director of VDAB, had a unique opportunity to listen to his target group, communicate his vision, and start a conversation. This brought VDAB’s story to life.

Entrepreneurial spirit, today and tomorrow

Push To Talk took care of thoroughly preparing the content and kept the direction tightly in hand with a professional team. This kept the mix of keynotes, panel discussions, and online polls captivating from start to finish.

In short, a winter seminar full of good vibes for pumping up that entrepreneurial spirit, today and tomorrow.

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