VDAB online partner event

VDAB organised an online consultation for the provincial partners on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market. Push To Talk hired an experienced team to design, guide, and direct the online meeting from concept to realisation. We took care of the shooting schedule, the set, the technical support, the direction, the poll, the chat, and the livestream. This allows VDAB and its provincial partners to once again work strongly together for work.


VDAB wanted to inform the network of provincial partners about the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market, point out the related issues, and address the questions and concerns. Push To Talk was commissioned to organise an interactive online meeting around this.


For 30 years now, VDAB has been working strongly together for work. Every day, the employees help employers and jobseekers find each other. They encourage jobseekers to develop their talents and skills to the maximum.


The COVID-19 pandemic is undoubtedly having an impact on the labour market and on the number of job-seekers. Closely monitoring this impact and striving for the best approach for the Flemish labour market together requires regular consultation with all stakeholders. The VDAB’s provincial partner meetings have to take place online now because of COVID-19.


A tightly timed shooting schedule

Push To Talk discussed the subject The labour market during and after COVID-19 with VDAB beforehand, as well as the perspectives of the three invited speakers. Push To Talk used this information to formulate questions for the speakers and poll topics. These formed the basis for the shooting schedule in which the interaction of the VDAB moderators Jill and Danny, the questions to the guests, the results of the polls, and space for responding to the questions via the live chat were linked to the storyline along with good timing and changes between people and camera angles.

A cosy setting

Push To Talk had a pleasant and quiet domestic setting and a professional camera crew and director ready for the occasion. Each guest was welcomed professionally and led onscreen at the right moment.


The two moderators were each given a clear role. Jill introduced the guests and asked about their observations during and expectations for after the COVID-19 pandemic. Danny interjected with questions from the live chat and results from the live poll. The audience responded and asked questions. This created real live communication and conversation.

Online platform

Anyone who wanted to could watch or review the content later on a VDAB online platform.

Working strongly together for work

The provincial partners were given the latest news on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market in a short space of time and enthusiastically asked the fascinating speakers in the studio questions in real-time. This allows VDAB and its provincial partners to once again work strongly together for work.

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